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Your favourite proactive security software families?

  Comodo (33.73%)

  ZoneAlarm (23.44%)

  Outpost (10.63%)

  Sunbelt (Kerio) (9.08%)

  Sygate (5.33%)

  Norton (5.23%)

  Kaspersky (3.55%)

  BlackICE (1.67%)



Proactive Security Challenge 64

List of products

This page contains a list of security products for Windows, which can be tested in Proactive Security Challenge 64, and their vendors. If you feel your company or product should be listed here, feel free to contact us. Only the products listed on this page can be selected for testing. Read more about the criteria we require a product to meet in order to be put on this list in the project's FAQ.

The following lists are sorted by the order in our poll):
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Live products

The following products are under active development or at least we have no information about the opposite. If you have information that any of these projects are dead, please let us know.