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Firewall engines connections (2008/04/26 18:37)

During the update of our list of personal firewalls and HIPS for Windows we have gained some interesting information about the connections between several products. We have also identified a number of projects that were stopped.

The Firewall Challenge product list contains almost 90 product families but not all the products have their own engine. Let's have a look at the connections between the today's personal firewalls.

Starting from the most popular products, we should mention Comodo Firewall Pro. Its engine is used in products of The Shield family. We can find some information about this connection on Comodo's forum. The thread that comments The Shield products became very popular since some of Comodo users hardly stood the information about this connection.

Outpost Firewall Pro is another popular product, which engine was sold to be used in other firewalls. Since November 2005 Lavasoft Personal Firewall has been using the Outpost's engine. Agnitum published the information about this connection on its website. The connection between Outpost Firewall Pro and Lavasoft Personal Firewall is well known. Much less known is the connection between Outpost and two other security products – BullGuard Internet Security and Quick Heal products. BullGuard uses only one component of the Outpost's engine, hence it offers much weaker protection than Outpost Firewall Pro. The information about these two connections can be found in two Agnitum's news – "Agnitum licenses Outpost firewall technology to Bullguard and CAT" and "Agnitum extends global technology license for Outpost firewall and security suite".

Privatefirewall has also become a popular security product with solid firewall engine. Not many people know that it is the Privatefirewall's engine that runs in Webroot Desktop Firewall.

One of the most widespread engines among the personal firewall products is the one of Filseclab Personal Firewall. Although this engine is not being developed anymore, it is the base of Antechinus product line, Omniquad product line and also XMicro product line.

The engine of AVG Internet Security is the base of Steganos Internet Security. This connection has been published in the announcement on Steganos' website.

The last connection we have revealed so far is the connection between Securepoint Personal Firewall and Škoda Firewall, which used Securepoint's engine. However, Škoda Firewall is a dead project today and Securepoint Personal Firewall is not very popular too.

We have also found that the following products are not under development, not supported or do not exist anymore:

  • 1-ACT Personal Firewall
  • Adorons Firewall
  • BitGuard Personal Firewall
  • BlackICE PC Protection
  • eTrust EZ Firewall
  • Freedom Firewall
  • GateSweeper
  • Hurricanesoft Personal Firewall
  • Neoava Guard
  • Sphinx x-Wall
  • Sygate Personal Firewall
  • Škoda Firewall
  • TheGreenBow Personal Firewall
  • WyvernWorks Firewall

There are many other firewall projects that are dead or not updated anymore but their websites still exist and their status can not be easily determined.

Are you aware of any connections between personal firewalls that we do not know about? Have we missed any dead project? Then please contact us and share your information with us and our visitors.