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Protection mechanisms on your computer?

Which protection mechanisms do you use to protect your computer and your data? If you use more than one, please select all you use. Anti-Spam, Anti-Spyware and Anti-Virus are well known terms. If you encrypt your emails or data on your disks, please select Data/Disk encryption. By Extra HIPS we mean a special software that implements Host-based Intrusion-Prevention System features only. So, if you have HIPS features integrated in your personal firewall, please choose Personal firewall only. Packet and HW firewalls are firewalls that work only with network packets and have no information about applications. Unlike them, personal firewalls implement per-process security and know the source or the target process of every network packet. If you use any kind of security suite that implements more protection mechanisms, please select them separately. Choose Use of restricted accounts if you use common user account for your daily work and you use fully privileged administrator account only when it is really needed. Finally, if you use any kind of virtualization software (like VMware or Virtual PC) for protection purposes, for example to run downloaded executables in controlled environment, select Virtualization too.

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  Anti-Spam (31.78%)

  Anti-Spyware (64.87%)

  Anti-Virus (82.59%)

  Data/Disk encryption (14.72%)

  Extra HIPS (17.73%)

  Packet or HW firewall (17.9%)

  Personal firewall (82.92%)

  Use of restricted accounts (15.77%)

  Virtualization (11.95%)

  Other (13.84%)

Number of voters: 13796