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Advisory 2006-10-15.01

BlackICE Filelock protection bypass Vulnerability

Basic information:

Release date: October 15, 2006

Last update: October 27, 2006


Character:Complete system control


Testing program:


BlackICE PC Protection protects its files against manipulation by malicious software. Its critical files like its database of trusted applications or firewall configuration are protected. The list of protected files is stored in filelock.txt in the BlackICE installation directory. If this file is deleted files mentioned in filelock.txt are not protected any more and can be changed by malicious applications. The implemented protection allows malicious applications to delete this file using native API function ZwDeleteFile. This can result in a bypass of all BlackICE protection mechanisms because its internal componenets can be replaced with fake copies. The situation is even easier for the attacker because the component control fails to recognize fake components in BlackICE processes.

Vulnerable software: