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On Windows 7 (or Vista) I use

  unlimited administrator's account (57.94%)

  limited administrator's account (16.4%)

  common user's account (13.64%)

  nothing (I do not use Win 7/Vista) (14.26%)




New Bulk Email Verification Platform (2015/06/08 10:47)

We have published Bulk Email Verifier, a new platform for cleaning large mailing lists.

Who is this application useful for? It has been designed to serve online businesses of any size that maintain their mailing database and care about their emails deliverability. The primary focus is on customers of email marketing applications and mail infrastructure providers, such as MailChimp, SendGrid, Campayn, Amazon SES, GetResponse, Postmark, AWeber, iContact, Benchmark Email, etc.

These services evaluate their customers' reputation and if they are sending emails to non-existing accounts, closed email accounts, spam-traps, or other invalid our bouncy email addresses, their reputation is harmed and their abilities to use the given email infrastructure is limited. offers a simple solution to cleanup your mailing list and thus protect your reputation. The service was designed to process up to 1,000,000 emails within a single task. Due to very high reliability and efficiency and very low pricing, the result price/performance ratio is the best on the market. Offering affordable, reliable, and simple-to-user solution was is the primary goal of this service.