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On Windows 7 (or Vista) I use

  unlimited administrator's account (57.94%)

  limited administrator's account (16.4%)

  common user's account (13.64%)

  nothing (I do not use Win 7/Vista) (14.26%)




Major changes in Firewall Challenge (2008/11/07 16:52)

Firewall Challenge moves forward. Several noticeable changes and improvements have been implemented:

1) We are leaving Windows XP Service Pack 2 platform. All new tests will be performed on Windows XP Service Pack 3. If a product is not compatible with Windows XP Service Pack 3, we may make an exception if our visitors are interested in this product.

2) We are raising the bar of Firewall Challenge. We have implemented several new tests to SSTS, which we also use in Firewall Challenge.

3) We have also improved some methods used by various tests, mostly termination tests, hence their power has increased.

4) Another thing that makes the challenge tougher for the tested products is a change of the scoring of tests SSS, SSS2 and SSS3. Newly, we penalize inabilities to block an unwanted user logout and a system shutdown.

5) We are leaving two tests PerfTCP and PerfUDP, which caused more problems than benefits. Mixing the performance and security tests turned out not to be a good idea. These tests will remain in the system only because of the products that were tested with them. New challenges will be performed without these two tests.

6) We are changing the testing method based on Driver Verifier. We will not perform subtests for each of the options that Driver Verifier supports anymore. A single combined Driver Verifier test will be performed. This change would make it hard for the products to pass the level 9, hence we have added one more test to the level 9 and changed the score limit for this level from 75% to 50%.