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Your favourite antivirus families?

  Comodo (31.55%)

  NOD32 (Eset) (20.97%)

  Kaspersky (17.73%)

  AntiVir (Avira) (16.77%)

  avast! (13.34%)

  Symantec (4.15%)

  AVG (3.78%)

  Dr.Web (3.43%)




Online Domain Tools Looking for Partners (2015/04/28 11:36)

We are launching Onilne Domain Tools Perks program. Online Domain Tools customers get access to exclusive bonuses offered to them by our partners. We are looking for partners who offer world class services and products and want to make an exclusive offer to our VIP users. If you want to become a partner, please contact Online Domain Tools support.

Bulk Whois API Launched (2015/02/18 15:11)

Today, we are launching our new Bulk Whois API project. It offers JSON API to parsed WHOIS data for companies of any size. As the market leading RoboWhois project has been discontinued recently, we feel that we can offer a replacement for this great service.

We would like to invite you all, who are in need of a reliable source of either raw or parsed WHOIS data, to sign up with Bulk Whois API and start your free trial today. We do support large volume clients. Feel free to contact support if you have any special needs or you are interested to get a custom quote.

New Service – IP Blacklist Monitor (2015/01/21 14:06)

We have published a new IP Blacklist Monitoring service. Any company with their own mail server or a dedicated IP address under its management will benefit from this service. However, our primary customers are hosting companies of all sizes, VPN providers, Internet service providers, universities, and other companies that manage IP ranges of any size.

The service was created in cooperation with a medium size server hosting company, for which we are now monitoring several thousands of their IP addresses already. This is why we believe that it is ready to help your company to deal with infection detection, TOS violations, spam sending clients, and similar issues that can be detected using DNSBL or RBL IP blacklists. Simply create a blacklist monitor and be notified when your IPs become listed on one or more blacklists or when they are removed.

We would like to invite you to try our blacklist monitor for free – up to 3 IP addresses checked on a daily basis against 150+ blacklists is provided completely free of charge. And if you like it and need to monitor more IP addresses, our prices are the best you can find on the market.

Bulk Email Verification Tool and IP Location Finder (2014/10/23 09:00)

Do you have a list of emails that contains addresses of questionable quality? Try the new Online Domain Tools Bulk Email Verification tool to clean it up. This verifier is quite sophisticated in order to provide most accurate results possible. It supports greylisting, catch-all address detection, and also maintains a database of 10 minute email services that you also do not want to have in your list.

Another interesting tool that is new on Online Domain Tools is IP Location Finder. This tool provides geolocation data for the target matchine together with information on its ISP (ASN/BGP data). A useful tool when it comes to investigating an IP address or a domain.

We have performed a big test of 12 free broken link checkers against a set of 315 test cases. Which free link checkers can we recommend and which are waste of time to use? Read the blog post to find out! Then ask your webmaster, which checker does she use.

SERP Checker (2014/07/14 08:21)

Full name of our new tool is Keyword Rank SERP Checker. Probably all web masters and people around SEO and marketing know what this tool is supposed to do. For those, who are not familiar with SERP checkers – it is a tool that finds out how your project (website / domain) ranks for a specific keyword on Google (in general it can be done for other search engines as well, but we focus on Google, since its market share is unbeatable, maybe except for China). A SERP rank is simply a position in SERP, which stands for Search Engine Result Page, so rank 1 means that your web appears on the first place on the page with search results for a particular keyword. Obviously, this directly affects the number of visitors that will reach your website from this search (over 30 % of traffic generated by a search query goes to web that is ranked first).

We have created this tool simply because there are very few SERP checkers on the web that actually work and provide full information that users of these tools are interested in. Our tool also supports regional searching, so you are not limited to international, but you can find your rank on,, etc.

Highly Customizable but Cheap Server Monitoring Service (2014/06/03 10:43)

We have launched our own Server Monitoring service on Online Domain Tools. Cheap for professionals, free for basic users with lower demands. And we have also started to accept Bitcoin. More on this in Online Domain Tools' latest blog post Server Monitoring for Bitcoins.

Heartbleed OpenSSL Bug Checker (2014/04/08 19:36)

Heartbleed OpenSSL Bug Checker based on Filippo Valsorda's open source Hearbleed checking tool has been added to Online Domain Tools toolset.

This online tool allows you to quickly check whether your online service is vulnerable to recently announced Heartbleed bug. A very serious problem has been found in OpenSSL versions 1.0.1 to 1.0.1f, which allows an attacker to perform a wide range of attacks once she takes advantage of the Heartbleed bug.

Fresh news (2013/10/18 11:59)

Some of our visitors did not see any updates on our main page for quite a while and thus thought that there is no active development in our projects. The opposite is true, however.

Our Proactive Security Challenge 64 is updated regularly, which is evident from its news archive that can be found at the bottom of its main page. It is just that not all Proactive Security Challenge 64's news are that interesting to make it on our home page. So, if you are interested in updates in this project, its main page is the best place to check from time to time.

Online Domain Tools is expanding incredibly. Less than a year has passed since its launch and even if we just look at the TOP 10 Tools numbers, we are amazed. This project have developed on the Nmap Online Service and since its start, more than 120,000 new Nmap scans have been performed under Online Domain Tools brand. Our DNS Record Viewer tool has also been used more than 120,000 times. And the numbers of Symmetric Ciphers and Encoders and Decoders tools are even higher – over 400,000 runs in sum in less than one year. These numbers are far beyond our expectations we had a year ago and just prove that Online Domain Tools is a very popuplar and very useful project. Pleased with these numbers we have decided to work even harder on this project and expand our team of developers in order to be able to come with further major improvements, positive changes, and completely new tools.

Update 2013/10/27: Comodo Internet Security has been retested and jumped from 92 % to 97 %. Very well done! Read more.

Excellent ranking for Outpost (2013/03/20 15:28)

For very long time it was only Comodo Internet Security that was able to reach the Excellent ranking in Proactive Security Challenge 64. Today, new Outpost Security Suite Pro version 8 joined Comodo in this category with 90% score. Congratulations and keep up the improving quality!