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Your favourite antivirus families?

  Comodo (31.5%)

  NOD32 (Eset) (20.88%)

  Kaspersky (17.73%)

  AntiVir (Avira) (16.87%)

  avast! (13.3%)

  Symantec (4.13%)

  AVG (3.76%)

  Dr.Web (3.41%)




Real-time API for Bulk Email Verifier (2016/04/29 16:23)

Based on queries of our customers, we have implemented Bulk Email Verifier API. The API is very simple to integrate into a web site regardless the platform. The API allows you to create larger tasks and thus verify large database of emails, but it also supports a real-time verification of a single address, that can be used in registration forms. The real-time version is guaranteed to provide an answer within 20 seconds, and has an average verification time below 10 seconds. For the full description and code samples, please see the linked API documentation.

Amberloom – The most comprehensive website checker on the Internet (2016/04/05 11:49)

Releasing Amberloom Website Checker, a comprehensive domain analyzer and website checker. The service is focused on helping web developers, web owners and administrators, by giving them valuable information about their website or server together with suggestions on what can be improved.

Amberloom performs many different checks of the target website, domain and relevant servers, and delivers detailed reports covering security, speed and usability, standards and best practices compliance, server configuration, web popularity, and much more. The reports can be highly customized and full white labeling features are also available, so resellers are more than welcome.

Get your FREE web report now!

Free SSL/TLS Certificate Generator (2015/12/15 15:59)

We have published Free SSL/TLS Certificate Generator. This tool is a simple web interface for manual generation of Let's Encrypt HTTPS certificates. Get your trusted HTTPS certficate today for free!

Let's Encrypt is a brilliant project by The Linux Foundation that allows everyone to get a trusted HTTPS certificate for both commercial and non-commercial use forever and completely free of charge. Let's Encrypt project is focused on fully automated generation and management of HTTPS certificates, which requires installation of their client software to your system. Some website owners, however, might run their webs in environments that are currently not supported by the client software, or they have another reason why they can not, or do not want to, install it. For those users, we have created our online interface, so they can simply get their Let's Encrypt HTTPS certificates just using a browser.

Mail Server Test (2015/10/28 15:49)

Mail Server Test is a tool for testing your mail server configuration and related DNS records. The tool checks your setup against large number of rules based on RFC standards and industry best practices for achieving high email delivery rates. Whether you run your own mail server or you use a third party mailing service, this tool will help you reveal potential problems with your email infrastructure.

DNS Zone Health Checker (2015/10/01 17:18)

We have released another useful tool called DNS Zone Health Checker, which is intended for all domain owners and domain administrators. This tool deeply analyzes your DNS records and name servers with over 200 rules in order to releveal potential problems that you might not even be aware of, but some of your visitors might be. IDN, DNSSEC and IPv6 are all supported by our DNS checker. As most of our tools, DNS checker is free to use, unless very extensive use is needed.

TLS & SSL Checker (2015/07/27 15:15)

We have developed TLS & SSL Checker – a must have, and free to use, tool for administrators that already manage, or are about to deploy, any publicly accessible service protected by TLS/SSL protocols. This tool performs a deep analysis of a TLS/SSL service running on an arbitrary port and provides a detailed report about the status of its certificate, configuration, available cipher suites, and security, including detection of well known vulnerabilities such as POODLE, CRIME, BEAST, Heartbleed, OpenSSL CCS Injection, etc. Give it a try and reveal if your service is configured securely.

New Bulk Email Verification Platform (2015/06/08 10:47)

We have published Bulk Email Verifier, a new platform for cleaning large mailing lists.

Who is this application useful for? It has been designed to serve online businesses of any size that maintain their mailing database and care about their emails deliverability. The primary focus is on customers of email marketing applications and mail infrastructure providers, such as MailChimp, SendGrid, Campayn, Amazon SES, GetResponse, Postmark, AWeber, iContact, Benchmark Email, etc.

These services evaluate their customers' reputation and if they are sending emails to non-existing accounts, closed email accounts, spam-traps, or other invalid our bouncy email addresses, their reputation is harmed and their abilities to use the given email infrastructure is limited. offers a simple solution to cleanup your mailing list and thus protect your reputation. The service was designed to process up to 1,000,000 emails within a single task. Due to very high reliability and efficiency and very low pricing, the result price/performance ratio is the best on the market. Offering affordable, reliable, and simple-to-user solution was is the primary goal of this service.

Online Domain Tools Looking for Partners (2015/04/28 11:36)

We are launching Onilne Domain Tools Perks program. Online Domain Tools customers get access to exclusive bonuses offered to them by our partners. We are looking for partners who offer world class services and products and want to make an exclusive offer to our VIP users. If you want to become a partner, please contact Online Domain Tools support.

Bulk Whois API Launched (2015/02/18 15:11)

Today, we are launching our new Bulk Whois API project. It offers JSON API to parsed WHOIS data for companies of any size. As the market leading RoboWhois project has been discontinued recently, we feel that we can offer a replacement for this great service.

We would like to invite you all, who are in need of a reliable source of either raw or parsed WHOIS data, to sign up with Bulk Whois API and start your free trial today. We do support large volume clients. Feel free to contact support if you have any special needs or you are interested to get a custom quote.

New Service – IP Blacklist Monitor (2015/01/21 14:06)

We have published a new IP Blacklist Monitoring service. Any company with their own mail server or a dedicated IP address under its management will benefit from this service. However, our primary customers are hosting companies of all sizes, VPN providers, Internet service providers, universities, and other companies that manage IP ranges of any size.

The service was created in cooperation with a medium size server hosting company, for which we are now monitoring several thousands of their IP addresses already. This is why we believe that it is ready to help your company to deal with infection detection, TOS violations, spam sending clients, and similar issues that can be detected using DNSBL or RBL IP blacklists. Simply create a blacklist monitor and be notified when your IPs become listed on one or more blacklists or when they are removed.

We would like to invite you to try our blacklist monitor for free – up to 3 IP addresses checked on a daily basis against 150+ blacklists is provided completely free of charge. And if you like it and need to monitor more IP addresses, our prices are the best you can find on the market.